A research-backed one-on-one meetings framework for team leaders

One-on-one meetings are the backbone of successful team leadership and the basis for building a strong culture in your company. But for some reason, they’re often done badly or worse, forgotten by managers. One of the main reasons for that is that many team leaders don’t know how to do one-on-ones. They haven’t been trained Continue reading


Why managers need to have frequent one-on-ones?

One-on-one meetings are one of the highest leverage activities for a leader. They are the most effective way to communicate, learn about people’s needs, get them on board with your mission and create a culture of development and growth. Here are 5 reasons to start doing them right now:


Product updates Jan 2021

This is the first product update we post for Quiteften. We’ve been actively developing and releasing new features and fixes every week since we launched the first version of the app at the beginning of the month. Here’s a quick recap of everything that shipped in January: 🧱 New Features Email link sign-in: you don’t Continue reading